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Jan 2014

Climate Change and POPs: Predicting the impacts

Stockholm convention, 2013

Jan 2014

Protecting human health and the environment from persistant organic pollutants

Stemmler, I. and Lammel, G., 2009

Jan 2014

Cycling of DDT in the global oceans 1950-2002: World ocean returns the pollutant

Steffen, A., Douglas, T., Amyot, M., Ariya, P. et al., 2007

Jan 2014

A synthesis of atmospheric mercury depletion event chemistry in the atmosphere and snow

Sobek, A., Gustafsson Ö., 2004

Jan 2014

Latitudinal Fractionation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Surface Seawater along a 62° N−89° N Transect from the Southern Norwegian Sea to the North Pole Area

Semeena, V.S. and Lammel, G., 2005

Jan 2014

The significance of the grasshopper effect on the atmospheric distribution of persistent organic substances

Saloranta, T.M., Ruus, A. and Borgå, K., 2011

Jan 2014

Identification of the most influential factors in the Norwegian Guidelines for Risk Assessment of Dispersion of Contaminants from Sediments

Rylander, C., Sandanger, T.M., Petrenya, N., Konoplev, A., Bojko, E. and Odland, J.Ø., 2011

Jan 2014

Indications of decreasing human PTS concentrations in North West Russia

Rylander, C., Odland, J.Ø. and Sandanger, T.M., 2011

Jan 2014

Climate change and environmental impacts on maternal and newborn health with focus on Arctic populations

Ray, D., Kurková, R., Hovorková, I. and Klán, P., 2011

Jan 2014

Determination of the specific surface area of snow using ozonation of 1,1-diphenylethylene

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